Christopher CHOY

Christopher Choy is the Engaged Professional Consultant of HOPE Consulting Limited (Hong Kong) and HOPE Professional Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia). He is also an ICF Certified Coach, who received his coaching training with the Catalyst Coach, Australia.

He is also a Curriculum Program Developer for Food & Beverage Hospitality Internship Training Program trained under American Hospitality Academy, Diploma in International Hospitality Leadership and Professional Development Certificate as Online Educator. Strategic partners with Asiana Hospitality Academy advocating internship program for Universiti Putra Malaysia Education and Training, Malaysia.

He has more than 30 years of experience working with young people seeing their vast needs, which inspired him to be further trained and acquired a Bachelor of Theology in Pastoral Studies and Counselling to help young people to discover their undeveloped innate potential. He’s ordained clergy with service in the faith community for 20 years and extended the service into the marketplace.

Christopher’s motto in life is “U-Turn can only happen when YOU TURN!” Hence, the motto turned into action, after completing the Biblical Entrepreneurship Executive Program, Nehemiah Project International Ministries, U.S.A., he started Turning Point Life Design Sdn. Bhd. crafting turning point life stories, both himself and others coming to this space of doing life and experiencing life together, especially working with the next generation.

Christopher is committed to his Core Process, “Converging Generations”, which led him to rediscover that his greatest joy is seeing the next generation grow and develop themselves to be who they are created and desired to be. His lifetime commitment is specializing in Identity Coaching with a strong focus on discovering one’s identity and aligning to one’s destiny in life both personal as well as professional.